Wheel Chair Buses

In today's society, Wheel Chair buses (also referred to as a wc bus) are more in demand because of our culture's heightened awareness to people with disabilities. So if you want to purchase a coach for business purposes, you should look for a wheelchair bus, because it is likely to serve you better for whatever reason you intend to use it. First of all, it allows you to accommodate a wider population of customers (namely those who would need a wheelchair accessible bus). Second, to those who do not need wheelchairs, you show that you are more considerate of your passengers by being prepared to accommodate those in need. This will improve the perception that all of your customers have of you, wheelchairs or not.

So prevalent is this concern to be politically correct, that even pc terms and phrasing of them has become a hot topic. For example, may not even be an acceptable phrase anymore. It is definitely unacceptable to refer to a blind person as a blind person. Rather, it is appropriate to say 'a person who is blind'. Calling them a blind person identifies and defines them as blind. Calling them a person who is blind identifies and defines them as a person, with an attribute of being blind. This may seem silly to some, but to many this is significant.

Wheelchair Buses for Sale

One popular type of wheelchair bus is the wheelchair minibus. The ratio of non wc seats to wheel chair positions is much lower, meaning that it is a larger percentage of wheel chair bus. Having a 49 passenger full size coach with one wheelchair position means that two percent of the bus is dedicated to wheelchairs. One a 14 passenger coach, the percentage is obviously much higher.

When considering to buy a new or used wheelchair bus for sale, you should consider things like this. How dedicated to wheelchairs do you want your coach to be? As shown before some wheelchair busses are more geared towards wheelchairs simply based off of the size of the coach. Another very simple thing to consider is how many wheel chair positions do you want. One is common, but two shows exceptional sensitivity. Wheelchair positions, wheel chair tie downs, wheel chair lifts, they all mean the same thing. It is important to understand this too. People in the coach world frequently interchange these phrases, but it is simply how many spots there are for people in wheelchairs. Similarly, wc bus is a common phrase to be familiar with. This is all important to understand when you are looking for

Handicap Bus

Handicap buses ultimately come in all shapes and sizes. They are used for many different applications. A handicap accessible bus can be ideal for church transit, touring, school, and charter purposes, as well as a few others. For this reason, whenever you are interested in a coach, it is definitely worthwhile to consider nonambulatory equipped buses. Also, consider that there are more handicaps out there than simply just being in a wheelchair. A person could be blind, deaf, mute, or mentally developmentally delayed. It is important to consider people and their variety of possible attributes when trying to serve them. A destination sign coupled with a PA system can help both those incapable of seeing or hearing. A kind, patient driver who can speak in sign language would be an absolutely huge benefit. Wide walk ways never hurt. It is important for ethical and business reasons to accommodate all kinds of passengers!